Our mission is to provide realistic and holistic training that challenges the accepted norms and mindset of trainees; so as to equip them with the knowledge, skills and outlook necessary to transform them into confident, competent and motivated security professionals.

Graduates of our training will always know – What, When, Where, Why and most importantly, How things are to be done.

We firmly believe that our training is successful only when graduates internalise what they have been taught and believe they can make a difference in their work by being true professionals, everyday and always.

All agency security guards in Singapore must be certified by the Singapore Police Force.

Tiara Training Centre Pte Ltd is one of the few Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Approved Training Organisation(ATO) authorised to conduct the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Enhanced Basic Security Course (EBSC) to train and certify security guards in Singapore.

We also conduct the Supervise Security Officers Course (SSOC) to train security personnel at supervisory level.

We also conduct the Handle Counter Terrorism Activities Course (HCTA) to train security personnel on the risks, threats and activities in relation to terrorism.

We are also an Approved Assessment Site (AAS) authorised by the WDA and the Police for the WSQ EBSC and the WSQ SSOC.

We adopt a holistic approach in our training methodology. Qualified trainers staff our comprehensive facilities and this environment enables trainees to receive intensive hand-on experience. We do not just prepare the candidates for the certification assessment; we go beyond the training syllabi.

We have courses scheduled every week. Each EBSC or SSOC is conducted over four consecutive days and assessment will be held on another day.

You can be assured that all security guards sent to us are comprehensively trained for national certification before they are deployed to work at your site.

Some of the security agencies and organisations that send their security guards to us for training and certification are:

1. APRO Asian Protection Pte Ltd
2. Centurion Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd
3. D’Garde Security Pte Ltd
4. GT Security Services Pte Ltd
5. Johnson Control (S) Pte Ltd
6. Laguna National Golf & Country Club (in-house guards)
7. Prime Security Services Pte Ltd
8. SAF WOs & Specialists Club
9. Security Enforcer Pte Ltd
10. SMS Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd
11. Fred-Link Security & Management Services
12. New-E Security Pte Ltd
13. Industrial & Commercial Security Pte Ltd
14. TIARA Investigation & Security Services Pte Ltd

WSQ Security : Enhance Basic Security Course


WSQ Security : Handle Counter Terrorism Activities Course


WSQ Security : Supervise Security Officers Course


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